Coopers Ultra Narrow Walking Frame


Coopers Ultra Narrow Walking Frame

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  • Lightweight and strong: Constructed from high-quality aluminium, the Coopers Ultra Narrow Walking Frame offers the perfect balance of strength and lightweight design.
  • Profiled hand grips: Enjoy enhanced comfort and a secure grip with the profiled hand grips, reducing strain and providing a comfortable walking experience.
  • Ideal for limited spaces: With its slim and compact design, this walking frame is specifically designed for use in domestic settings and areas where space is limited, allowing easy manoeuvrability.
  • Available in medium and large sizes: Choose the size that suits you best for a personalised fit, ensuring optimal comfort and support.
  • Designed for users with disabilities or difficulty walking: This walking frame is crafted to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities or those who require additional walking support, providing stability and confidence.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Made to withstand daily use, the Coopers Ultra Narrow Walking Frame is built to last, ensuring reliable support over an extended period.
  • Promotes independence: Regain your independence and freedom to move confidently with the Coopers Ultra Narrow Walking Frame, allowing you to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Easy to use: The intuitive design of this walking frame ensures hassle-free setup and usability, making it suitable for individuals of varying abilities.
  • Enhances mobility: Experience improved mobility and ease of movement with the Coopers Ultra Narrow Walking Frame, allowing you to navigate your surroundings with confidence and security.
  • Quality craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this walking frame embodies superior quality and reliability, ensuring a long-lasting and effective mobility aid.

Medium - Standard
Medium - WheeledLarge - StandardLarge - Wheeled
Minimum Handle Height
95mm (3.75 Inches)95mm (3.75 Inches)95mm (3.75 Inches)95mm (3.75 Inches)
Maximum Handle Height
440mm (17 Inches)530mm (21 Inches)635mm (25 Inches)820mm (32 Inches)
Max Width685mm (27 Inches)806mm (32 Inches)960mm (38 Inches)1092mm (43 Inches)
Max Depth
165mm (7 Inches)200mm (8 Inches)220mm (9 Inches)220mm (9 Inches)
Weight1.75 kg1.8 kg1.75 kg1.8 kg
Ferrule Size25mm (1 Inch)25mm (1 Inch)25mm (1 Inch)25mm (1 Inch)
Maximum User Weight160kg (25 Stone)160kg (25 Stone)160kg (25 Stone)160kg (25 Stone)

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The Coopers Ultra Narrow Walking Frame is the perfect support solution for limited spaces and enhanced mobility

This reliable walking frame combines lightweight construction with unbeatable strength. Crafted from premium aluminium, this sleek mobility aid is designed to meet the needs of users with disabilities or individuals who require additional support while walking.

Built with your comfort in mind, this walking frame features profiled hand grips that provide a secure and comfortable hold, ensuring your confidence and stability with every step. Say goodbye to hand strain and discomfort as you navigate your way through your daily activities.

What sets the Coopers Ultra Narrow Walking Frame apart is its slim and compact design, making it the ideal choice for domestic environments or spaces where every inch counts. Move with ease through narrow hallways, tight corners, or cluttered rooms, without sacrificing your stability or the support you need.

We understand that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we offer the Coopers Ultra Narrow Walking Frame in both medium and large sizes. Choose the perfect fit that suits your unique needs, ensuring maximum comfort and functionality for your mobility journey.

Crafted with precision and durability, this walking frame is made to withstand daily use, providing reliable support for an extended period. You can count on its robust construction to enhance your mobility and maintain your independence.

With the Coopers Ultra Narrow Walking Frame, you can embrace the freedom to move confidently in your everyday life. Don't let limited space or mobility challenges hold you back, experience the exceptional support and ease of use that this walking frame delivers.

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