Eating Aids

Eating Aids for Independent and Mess-Free Dining

Discover our range of eating aids designed to enhance dining experiences for individuals with limited dexterity or motor skills. Our collection includes adult bibs, plate guards and surrounds and plates and bowls.

Our adult bibs provide stylish and reliable protection against spills during meals. With adjustable closures and a variety of colours and patterns, they offer both functionality and fashion.

Plate guards and surrounds prevent food from sliding off plates, aiding those with coordination difficulties. They easily clip onto plates, creating a secure barrier for mess-free dining.

Our plates and bowls feature non-slip bases, ensuring stability and convenience while eating. Raised edges and divided sections aid in portion control and food scooping.

These eating aids promote independence, dignity, and enjoyment during mealtimes. They make dining easier, allowing you to focus on savouring each bite. Browse our collection today and rediscover the pleasure of mess-free dining.