Walking Frames & Zimmer Frames

Welcome to our comprehensive range of Walking Frames and Zimmer Frames designed to provide stability and support for individuals with mobility challenges. Our collection features a variety of options to cater to different needs, including narrow, standard, and wide frames, as well as wheeled and non-wheeled versions, available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Narrow Frames: Our narrow walking frames are specifically designed for individuals who require a more compact and streamlined solution. These frames provide excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces and are perfect for individuals with narrower doorways or corridors.

Standard Frames: Our standard walking frames offer a balanced combination of stability and versatility. With a wider base, they provide a firm foundation for users, ensuring safety while walking. These frames are suitable for most individuals who require moderate support during their daily activities.

Wide Frames: For individuals who require additional stability and support, we offer wide frames. These frames feature an extra-wide base, providing enhanced balance and reducing the risk of tipping. They are ideal for those with broader frames or individuals who need extra space to manoeuvre comfortably.

Wheeled Frames: Our wheeled walking frames offer increased mobility and convenience. Equipped with sturdy wheels, these frames allow users to glide smoothly across various surfaces, reducing the effort required during walking. They are an excellent choice for individuals who have limited strength or stamina.

Non-Wheeled Frames: Non-wheeled walking frames provide reliable stability and support without the need for wheels. These frames are ideal for users who prefer a more traditional and fixed solution. They offer a solid base for walking and promote confidence and independence.

Small, Medium, and Large Sizes: We understand that every individual has unique requirements, which is why our walking frames and Zimmer frames are available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. By offering a range of sizes, we ensure that users can find the perfect fit, allowing for optimal support and comfort during use.

At Your Essential Shop, we are committed to providing high-quality walking frames and Zimmer frames that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you require a narrow, standard, or wide frame, with or without wheels, and in small, medium, or large sizes, we have the perfect solution to enhance your mobility and independence.